What is your service area for transport/delivery?

Nimble Transport has a 250-mile delivery radius from Kansas City, including areas in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Arkansas & Oklahoma.

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What types of items does Nimble Transport deliver?

We deliver almost anything that is crated or on pallets, including, but not limited to:

  • Crated equipment
  • Air freight of all kinds
  • Printed material
  • Fragile freight

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Does Nimble Transport deliver high-value items?

At Nimble Transport, we specialize in high priority/high-value items. In over ten years of working in this industry, we have not had a single freight claim against us! If you need special care for your shipment, i.e. strapping, securing, block-bracing, blankets, air ride suspension, pallet-jack or lift gate service we have the equipment and the experience to get it done!

Is there anything Nimble Transport does not deliver?

We currently do not haul hazmat or hard liquor (which is actually hazmat due to high alcohol levels). We also do not transport livestock.

Does Nimble Transport do household moves?

Unfortunately not, as going into one's home requires a completely different operating authority with the Department of Transportation. However, we CAN transport anything you palletize. We will pick it up with our liftgate and lower it to the ground at your destination.

My driver called in sick, can Nimble Transport help?

Yes! We have both Class A and Class E truck drivers available on an hourly basis to fill in for your drivers sick or vacation days.

I need a 53 foot truck for a few days or longer, can Nimble Transport drop one off?

Yes! Whether you need it for storage, a project, or do you need more than a few days to load a shipment we can help you. Call our Nimble team at 816-609-8731 for an accurate quote.

We're moving business locations/warehouses, can Nimble Transport help?

Yes! Our Nimble team can cover all of your equipment moving needs. Whether you require one 26' box truck or twenty 53' loads, we can do it all. We also provide trailers and shuttles.

What is LTL Shipping?

LTL is the acronym for "less than truckload" or "partial truckload". This simply means transporting freight that occupies only a portion of a trailer. Do you have less than a full truck of product to be delivered? Nimble Transport can deliver it for you!

Call our Nimble Transport team at 816-609-8731 to discuss your specific situation, we are here to provide solutions to your transportation needs!