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In our fast-paced, last minute era, we at Nimble Transport have learned how to adapt quickly to our customer's needs and be willing to do whatever it takes to help them meet their deadline. Keep reading to learn about Nimble Transport's unique strategy to best serve our customers.

Over the last several years, we've carved a niche for ourselves in the Kansas City transportation industry - the ability to get it done quickly! Nimble Transport is the go-to company when businesses experience an issue when something goes wrong and a shipment needs to delivered immediately.

The frustration many businesses experience when dealing with large transport companies are the multiple layers of hierarchy to get something done, and the time drains with climbing that same chain of command to make any changes or solve any problems. Not with Nimble Transport!

We are a lean, local, hands-on company - our dispatchers communicate directly with customers and drivers. We work as a team and communicate, communicate, communicate! This is a key part of our business success.  While this might seem overly simplistic, think about how Amazon is shifting from its big warehouse facilities to smaller local warehouses. Being smaller can actually make a big difference!

Lastly, Nimble Transport is a family-centered business. Many companies say that, but we have built it into our business DNA. Most of our exceptional drivers have children, and from the beginning, we have sought to have them home every night possible with their families. I have seen what OTR (over the road, long haul trucking) can do to families and I decided I did not want that for myself or my employee's families either.

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Mark Pietersen
Nimble Transport